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Get geared, bully your friends, and settle unresolved childhood debts in the Wilderness of OS-Scape. With hundreds of hours of content and an active Wilderness, featuring the best combat system in the scene, OS-Scape is your go-to hub for PvP action. And even if you're not in the mood for battles today, there are bosses that need taming. Get going, because on here, you die.

Updates & Announcements

[04/17/2018] The Loyalty System

Apr 17, 2018 11:24:08 PM | by Bart
The Loyalty System is a way to say thank-you for playing. Every day, you can collect a reward just for logging in. But, there's a catch: logging in the next day gets you a bigger reward. And the day after, an even bigger one. However, you'll have to stick to it! Not logging in for a full day (24 hours), will reset your streak. So while you're saying "good morning" to your streaks on Snapchat, you might as well save your streak on OS-Scape now!

As always, we thank you for playing OS-Scape, and we hope that this new system shows our gratitude in a new way too.

All the best,
The OS-Scape team.
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[04/13/2018] Refunds & Combat Overhaul (+Fixes)

Apr 13, 2018 7:22:08 PM | by Bart
We're excited to announce the long-awaited Credit Refunds for people who have previously purchased items from the OS-Scape store. We would like to apologize for taking slightly longer than predicted; it has taken us quite a bit longer than expected to come up with a system that gives you, the players, your promised 15% back - without letting the game's economy take a strong hit.

The Refund System
As previously promised, we're refunding you 15% of your purchases in credits. This only applies to purchases you have paid for, not credits that you have purchased from another player. While 15% may sound like it's not much, even this amount is going to put a lot of money into the game's economy. To combat a sudden influx of money, we've decided to spread it out. Once per 20 hours, you can claim a chunk of the money - 5% of your refunded total to be precise. You can keep it in your account, or you can spend it right away. This can be done every 20 hours until you've claimed your entire amount.

How to claim, you ask? Simple. You'll find a new character, Bart, in the north-west corner of Edgeville, against the shop wall. Yes, that's me - I'll be on stand-by to give you the portion you're asking for. First and foremost, you'll have to insert your old username and old password. This will let you claim the original account, locking it to you. You can then immediately begin claiming your credits.

Note: refunds cannot be claimed if you've spent under 35$ because of a limitation of our system (which does not support purchases under 5$ (15% of 35$) as per the rank limitation).

Combat Overhaul
As we've previously discussed with most of you, the combat system wasn't exactly how you wanted it to be. We've taken the time to rework a lot of it, and take input from people who are very well aware of how the combat system should work. We believe our end result is very accurate, and we hope you enjoy it!

Improvements & Fixes
On top of these two big changes, we've also fixed a few smaller things or added new features:
  • PvP accuracy system has been completely revamped;
  • Granite maul special attack has been reworked;
  • Shop additions:
    • Cemetery teleport has been added to the supplies shop;
    • Lumberyard teleport has been added to the supplies shop;
    • Crystal seed has been added to the supplies shop for 4k blood money;
  • Fixed Zulrah's defensive stats;
  • Fixed the pet unlock announcement icon;
  • Fixed Sigmund's buy price for mysterious emblem (3), tazanite mutagen and magma mutagen;
  • Added a 'Wanted-goods' option to Sigmund ;
  • Added a 'View-help' option to the OS-Scape guide.
As always, we work based on your feedback. Please do not hesitate to let us know what you'd love to see - new content or fixes - through the forums. Thank you for playing OS-Scape!

Warm regards,
The OS-Scape team.
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[04/08/2018] Sigmund, Toggles, Risk Protection & more!

Apr 8, 2018 11:20:22 PM | by Situations
Here's what we've been working on the past few days. Thanks for all your suggestions and bug reports! It's almost content time! : )
  • Merged the presets tab into the player journal
  • Added the risk protection toggle into the player journal
  • Added a bunch of toggles to bottom of the player journal
    • Ability to swap mage prayers
    • Ability to swap range prayers
    • Ability to break vials when drinking the last dose
    • Ability to hide killing spree icons
    • Ability to toggle the target HP overlay
    • Ability to toggle widget timers
  • Added dragon boots, dragon platebody and dragon ornament kits to the shop
  • Added the ability to remove imbued power from berserker, archer, seers and warrior rings
  • Horvik will now be able to enchant your crystal seed into a shield, halberd or bow for a fee
  • Fixed the staff of light special attack animation
  • Added inferno to the minigame teleports
  • Added freeze, teleblock and vengeance timers
  • Changes to the accuracy formulae
  • Added protect item value to the staff of light
  • Added Sigmund the Merchant who will purchase the following:
    • Ancient emblem: 2,000 BM
    • Ancient totem: 5,000 BM
    • Ancient statuette: 10,000 BM
    • Mysterious emblems
    • Ether: 2 BM each
    • Smouldering stone: 1,000 BM
    • Tanzanite mutagen: 5,000 BM
    • Magma mutagen: 5,000 BM
    • Dragon bones: 25 BM each
    • Dragon axe: 2,000 BM
    • Dragon pickaxe: 5,000 BM
  • Voting shop changes:
    • Royal seed pod has been added for 80 points
    • Void mage helm has been added for 15 points
    • Void range helm has been added for 15 points
    • Void melee helm has been added for 15 points
    • Elite void top has been added for 20 points
    • Elite void bottom has been added for 20 points
    • Void gloves have been added for 10 points
  • The report button will now open a webpage to the relevant forum section
  • Voting blood money reward option increased from 500 to 1,000 BM
  • Saradomin's tear has been added to the Cosmetic Wares shop
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