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Get geared, bully your friends, and settle unresolved childhood debts in the Wilderness of OS-Scape. With hundreds of hours of content and an active Wilderness, featuring the best combat system in the scene, OS-Scape is your go-to hub for PvP action. And even if you're not in the mood for battles today, there are bosses that need taming. Get going, because on here, you die.

Updates & Announcements

[07/18/2018] Revision Bugfixes

Jul 18, 2018 2:10:19 PM | by Bart
We're updating OS-Scape with a handful of fixes regarding the latest update as well as certain improvements. We've also edited the prices of most items in the web store - check it out!

Safezone Gorillas
The Demonic & Tortured Gorillas are back to OS-Scape, and they can now be found in the safe area north of the Grand Tree. You can teleport there by paying 100bm to the Teleport Wizard in Edgeville. Be careful - they're strong, but their drop tables are rather rewarding. Good luck!

Fixes & Improvements
  • The clan chat interface has been fixed;
  • An uncommon bug causing players to "disconnect" has been fixed;
  • Sounds have been reenabled;
  • The 'avnanced options' button now works again and you can toggle the options;
  • Certain clientsided changes have been made to furthermore improve OS-Scape.

Price Changes
The store has had a price change, with the following amendments;
  • You will now get 75,000 BM for 50 Cr instead of 20,000;
  • The Infernal Cape has been discounted to 195 Cr instead of 295 Cr;
  • Mystery boxes are now 15 Cr per instead of 20 Cr;
  • A Rune Pouch can now be bought for 40 Cr instead of 50 Cr;
  • Flower Seeds are now 8 Cr per pack of 25 instead of 15 Cr;
  • Pet Boxes are available for 300 Cr each instead of 400 Cr;
  • A Prayer Scroll is now 199 Cr instead of 295 Cr;
  • Skotizo Keys can now be purchased for 15 Cr each instead of 20 Cr;
  • 3rd Age Mage Boxes are 500 Cr per instead of 750 Cr;
  • And the Dicing Bag can be bought for 500 Cr instead of 750 Cr now.
These price changes are permanent and the discounts do not go away. However, we obviously reserve the right to change prices later on down the road if we feel we need to.

Important Note
Prayer Scrolls will, in an upcoming update, be removable yourself, thus making into a tradable prayer scroll. Keep this in mind before purchasing a prayer scroll!

Another important note: you'll want to stock up on all kinds of pets. In an upcoming update, pets will suddenly be really, really cool stuff. Honestly.
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[07/14/2018] Revision Update & Bugfixes

Jul 15, 2018 3:56:06 PM | by Bart
Revision 171
Perhaps meaningless to most, but we've updated OS-Scape to revision 171 which is the current client revision of Old School RuneScape. This means that whatever changes they had made to their game client are no ours too - think of ::renderself (which hides your own character only to yourself) and various improvements to interfaces and accessibility. On top of that, this lets us move forward with Raids 2 content as well as some other spectacular magic we have in the works.

Bugfixes & Tweaks
The only thing that matters to most of you would be the bugfixes and tweaks, as listed below:
  • Dragon Claws can now be used to cut webs;
  • Many edits have been made to the accuracy formulae as well as damage formulae to aim for better combat;
  • Blue mage robes now have proper bonuses;
  • Bottom and hood of darkness now have proper bonuses;
  • Certain item prices have been edited to resemble the economy better;
  • Sigmund now buys silver ore and maple logs for 20bm each;
  • Sigmund offers 15bm for Iron fragments instead of 10;
  • The Rune Defender is now free;
  • Super antifire potions last for 3 minutes instead of 2;
  • Super antifire and extended super antifire are now available in the supplies shop;
  • The normal anti-venom has been removed as it was deemed useless;
  • Emerald dragon bolts (e) have been replaced with Opal dragon bolts (e) as per popular request.

  • We're aware this is not a major content update, and there may be (significant) bugs introduced with this update, but we're attempting to move forward at a steady pace and this update is full of changes allowing us to climb the ladder.
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[07/11/2018] Server Maintenance

Jul 11, 2018 1:54:07 PM | by Bart

In preparation for the upcoming update we're performing system maintenance on our game server starting at 1:00PM CEST. This maintenance is estimated to last approximately an hour. We apologize for the inconvenience.

All the best,
The OS-Scape team.

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