Hi guys! Here are the updates from the past while:

The Grand Exchange
The G.E. has initial prices for all items, largely taken from active trades in game. Players are free to ignore these prices completely, and to offer whatever they like. Over time, as you trade on the Exchange, the system will adjust its prices towards the true market values of the items. You should expect large changes in prices over the next few weeks; the Grand Exchange makes it much easier for buyers and sellers to find what they want, so there'll be less of a need to pay premium prices for obscure items. So if a guide price doesn't look right to you, please give it time to adjust.To view history of your past purchases, simply click the "history" button on the top left and your most recent transactions will be displayed like so:We've added a Portal on World 2 & 3 outside of the shopping area which will teleport you to the Grand Exchange if you don't feel like walking.

Clan Wars Beta:
South of the Al Kharid duel arena the local residents have set up a new combat arena where groups of players can test their strength against other groups in a selection of different games including last team standing, first to X kills, and free-for-all (we currently do no have support for King of the hill or Oddshot). For a quick trip to the Clan Wars arena, just use your Ring of Duelling or talk to the Wizard at Edgeville who will kindly teleport you directly there.

You can battle other clans across 10 battlefields, such as in the snowy heights of Northleach Quell or defend the fortifications in the traditional Turrets map.. the only map we currently don't have support for is Ethereal.

To start battling another team, go into the challenge area, right click on a ranking member of the clan you want to challenge and customize your battle using all the options available to make it exactly what you want.

Then wade through the blood of your enemies until you are victorious… or fall.

Quality of life changes:
  • Added the barrows loot interface. In case you're unfamiliar with what this is, it displays the items you're awarded for killing all the barrows brothers. It looks like this: Click here
  • Made some adjustments to the first-attack anti-rush mechanic to work for anti-rushing. If you're getting attacked, you'll be able to special attack your target as a first hit
  • You'll now be able to manually disable your risk protection while inside the wilderness. We've also offer 3 different tiers for risk (5K, 10K and 15K). If you're confused about what that means, here's an idea of what we're talking about. This will allow you guys to toggle if you want to be attacked or not instead of us forcing it on you
  • Made some changes to the layout of world 2's home
    • Removed the PVP instance wizard as we already have all his teleport options neatly organized through the wizard
    • Lottery adviser has been moved to the north side of Edgeville bank: View here
    • Bob barter(herbs) has been moved to the south side of Edgeville bank: View here
    • The nurse Surgeon General Tafani and the Box of heath have been moved outside Edgeville bank: View here
    • Blood Money supplies bench has been removed and altars moved around to feel less cluttered: View here
  • Added the Ring of Suffering mechanics
  • As requested by a lot of you guys, all rare clue scroll rewards are now broadcasted on all worlds
  • When you go to ::empty your inventory, you'll now be warned
  • Helpers & moderators can now specify the amount of ores to be mined in jail
  • When dying to an NPC, items inside your rune pouch and looting bag will now stay on the ground for 30 minutes
  • If you die under 20 wilderness, all untradable items will remain in your inventory instead of on the ground
  • The 90 second lock on wilderness teleports after using a preset will only be applicable to multi-combat areas. That way, people can't continue to rush back to multi-combat areas.
  • Added a command for moderators to revoke the new prayers and in return, adding the scroll to the players inventory. (Highly requested by players)
  • Added herb tar making (in attempts to introduce tick manipulation into the game.. still in progress my dudes)
  • Added sound to the GE agility shortcut.
  • Added sounds to a ton of additional special attack weapons

Additional content:
  • added lizardmen to potential slayer tasks
  • You can now get elite clue scrolls from killing Zulrah & completing barrows
  • We decided to add the Ranging Guild due to a high number of ironmen requesting it for Rune Arrows. If you've got the required ranging level, you can now enter the guild and compete in the target practice minigame to acquire tickets which are redeemable at the reward shop! You can view me competing in target practice here: Click here
  • We've spiced up Nardah - we'll be taking steps to make the city lively! What have we done so far? Well, we've added Zahur, who can decant your potions and clean your herbs! Soon, he'll even be able to finish your potions for you
  • Added Mahogany Woodcutting & Hardwood Grove
  • Added Camelot PVP! A lot of people have been asking for additional high risk areas, so here it is! You're unable to use protect item on the eastern side, so be careful!
  • Added max hit dummy's inside the edgeville general store (special attacks do not decrease when used on dummies: View here
  • Added the Ring of Wealth teleports
  • Added the "first win of the day" which will give you an additional 2,500 Blood Money for the first kill of the day (24 hours after your first win of the day)
  • Added H.A.M hideout NPCs to pockpocketable NPCs as a source of easy clue caskets (1/30 chance)
  • Added a bunch of NPC combat sounds
  • Added boss caskets, which give a large amount of gold/blood money when opened
  • Potion immunity messages are now filterable to reduce chat box spam
  • Fishing guild has now been added
  • Added gem bag to the slayer reward shop for 750 slayer points. (You may only purchase one of these)
  • Added the Grand Seed Pod teleport
  • Toggleable option to hold shift to quick-drop items inside your inventory
  • Added the Telekinetic Grab spell
  • Added the Magic Dart spell

Bug Fixes:
  • Ballista nerfed: strength of javelins now in line with 07 and speed increased by 1 tick (slower)
  • Fixed rock crabs - they'll no linger hibernate for life... meaning they'll wake up when you step on them
  • Fixed the issue where two people could attack one person in a single area this exploit will no longer happen
  • Player wealth is now checked when using PVP teleports to prevent players from abusing the presets and teleporting in with rag
  • Made it so that only protection prayers are blocked at our high-risk instanced areas. Once we update, you'll be able to use smite and such
  • Fixed a bug with the Lottery which resulted in it crashing
  • Fixed the bug with the Falador herb patch. Once we update, it'll be working as intended
  • Fixed the Dark Beasts combat script - it'll no longer attack you if you're not visible
  • Chaos Fanatic kills will now be tracked and displayed on the boss log
  • You'll no longer randomly "lose" your pet on login
  • You can now eat strange fruit and seaweed
  • Added Armadyl godsword, bandos godsword, saradomin godsword, zamorak godsword, elysian spirit shield, spectral spirit shield, and arcane spirit shield to the PVP rare items list. They'll now be broadcasted globally if you receive it as a drop
  • Fight cave minigame NPCs now count towards slayer tasks & give the appropriate amount of experience
  • The Tome of Fire is now equippable, provides the player with infinite fire runes and increases fire spell damage by 50%
  • You will now be able to autocast Claws of Guthix
  • Kalphite Queen is now fixed. It'll be able to attack from a distance removing the safe combat zones, has the proper death animation, and appropriate timers in between attacks. This one is long due, sorry it took so long guys
  • The Smoke Devil room is now multi-combat
  • Fixed Venenatis prayer drain attack - it's no longer as.. frequent
  • Fixed Zily, Kree'arra, and K'ril combat issues. They'll no longer randomly freeze
  • Fixed King Black Dragon combat & pathing issues
  • Fixed player skulling mechanics - Deal Arena will no longer reset it. Free-for-all portal does, if you skull, die and return you'll now reskull.
  • You can no longer be poisoned if you're currently venomed
  • Zammy spear special attack fixed
  • Dragon throwing axes now have a max attack distance of 4 & require manual attack to trigger
  • Fixed an issue where players would do ::easts from inside the FFA area resulting in the attack option disappearing
  • Longbows now have the proper stand animations
  • Blowpipe can no longer be reverted to a fang
  • Some Quest Tab buttons now close interfaces, this is to prevent errors with the presets tab and spawning predefined setups
  • Because of the mapdata changes, which removed the Edgeville jail gates, we've added a chest which players can open if they have a Skotizo key

Misc changes:
  • We've made a lot of changes to the shop. A lot of end-game gear has been removed in attempts to level-out the economy through the Grand Exchange and other player to player trades
  • Added two additional protection mechanics to the PVP world: No teleporting for 20 seconds after using special attacks (tb wearing off overrides) & no instant special attacks (gmaul, dragon thrown axes) in first 20 seconds of combat. This is toggle-able by the user as seen here

Engine changes:
  • Added better NPC interaction through bank-booths and other object blocked NPCs by incorporating the projectile finder when the player has reached the last accessible tile
  • We've spent a long time working on this - prayer flicking will no longer drain prayer
  • Made some massive changes to the NPC agro & re-agro checks
  • Fixed the melee from distance issue
  • Added proper tree hugging
  • Fixed an issue with instanced areas having an offset
  • Fixed a variety of memory leaks - notable mention: 8000 objects/second -> 1200 objects/second

Note: With this update all charged venom items will be set to regular uncharged items. In order to charge them, simply use Zulrah's scales on them.