Providing worlds both dedicated to PvP, and one emulating the original, classic adventure, OS-Scape is a streamlined, multi-world MMORPG constructed on a custom platform. Offering a stable, well balanced economy, a steady stream of current updates weekly, and boasting one of the largest ongoing communities, OS-Scape strives to provide the leading MMORPG experience.

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Updates & Announcements

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11/20/2016: Hardcore Iron Man, Iron Man Armours, Pet Dialogues & Fixes

Nov 20, 2016 2:04:10 PM
  • * You can now play Hardcore Iron Man mode.
  • * The new player flow is changed. You now get the option to change your Iron Man mode at the end of the process.
  • * You can now obtain Iron Man armours. New accounts get it automatically, older accounts can fetch it in Lumbridge.
  • All pets now have their dialogues added.
  • Capes with teleports have been fixed.
  • You can no longer interact with bankers through the walls.
  • When using ::toggleskulls the icon changes instantly.
  • To make graves PK'ing more of a challenge, the Zamorak mage can no longer be used when teleblocked (there are warnings when teleporting to wild).
  • The Serpentine helm can be dropped or destroyed for scales.
  • Venenatis' prayer drain rate has been dramatically reduced.
  • Upon resetting your K/D you no longer lose your ability to access the skin colors.

11/17/2016: Tons of improvement, bug fixes and zoom saving!

Nov 17, 2016 3:07:14 PM
  • Optimized & revamped the logic for displaying the wilderness interface to support DMM, Bounty Hunter, PVP areas, and others.
  • Fixed a bug related to poison & venom
  • Firemaking/planting flowers move the player in a valid West/East direction now
  • Canoe travelling has now been added
  • Gnome gliders have now been added
  • Magic carpet rides have now been added
  • Fixed a bug related to recomputing the wilderness count
  • Added the corporeal beast damage tracker
  • Added the plank make lunar spell
  • Added Tangleroot pet change to farming herb patches
  • *Placeholders now set if you're withdrawing the last item using a custom preset
  • ::yell messages no longer appear if you have the yeller on your ignore list
  • The Halloween event & aesthetic changes have been removed
  • Added two new donator ranks Black & White -> 2500 & 5000
  • Yell cooldown timers have been slightly increased to reduce spamming
  • * Fixed Edgeville PVP object clipping
  • Added the ability to unlock the agility pet on rooftop courses
  • Fixed a typo for slayer task remaining
  • Fixed dark bow damage delay PID affect to match OSRS (PID is only applied to the second arrow)
  • Fixed circumstances for Range attacks triggering block animations
  • Fixed an issue with hit/miss sounds being falsely triggered with special attacks
  • Fixed book block animation
  • Minor change to player freezing to help out a bit with the tree hugging issue
  • Opponent defensive stats are now applied to ranged special attacks
  • Added a one minute delay between prayer cape use to stop infinite prayer point glitching
  • Added bracelet enchanting
  • Fixed the zulrah introduction so it flows much nicer before combat begins
  • Fixed runes from rune pouch not appearing on the ground when the player dies
  • ...

11/02/2016: W1 Ardy maxcape, Ballista & claws change, Zamorak Mage reverted

Nov 2, 2016 5:43:05 PM
  • Dragon claws formula has been adjusted and nerfed, however is still accurate and will have higher DPS than it had previously.
  • The Zamorak mage can be used again when teleblocked, matching 07.
  • The delay of the normal Ballista attack has been majorly reduced. This should solve a LOT of issues with how stacking worked for this weapon.
    * Ardougne cape can now be bought for 5,000 tokens in the Warriors Guild
    * If you've obtained a Donor rank via rsgp, the Home Teleport is now instant.
  • The "Edgeville" option is now available on the Deserted Keep lever

10/31/2016: Halloween event, Eternal Glory, Ardy max cape and more!

Nov 1, 2016 1:02:49 AM
  • * Fixed untradables breaking on death inside instanced PVP areas
  • Cave Kraken single-way combat bug
  • Added an informative "fix" option to broken untradables
  • Extend hunter trap timeout so people have more time to collect their loot before it despawns
  • Dragon claw special attack formula has been completely revamped
  • Zamorak Mage teleport can no longer be used while teleblocked
  • Item sets have been fixed and enabled
  • Added Ardy Cloak 4 -> Max Cape combining to get Ardy Max Cape
  • Fixed Cave Craken KC
  • * Added Ardy Max Cape to the shops
  • * Fixed the player inside wilderness counter
  • Added the Halloween event which can be found south-west of Edgeville bank by the river
  • Fixed dragon halberd animations
  • Players can now get an Eternal Glory from recharging glories on the Fountain of Rune
  • Fixed ghost's combat animations
  • Added a new client Halloween themed background
  • Added new client login music.. spooky stuff
  • Added some Halloween aesthetic changes to the home and surrounding areas

10/28/2016: Cave Kraken, New Teleports, High Risk PVP area and more!

Oct 28, 2016 9:15:22 PM
  • Added Spirit Tree teleportation
  • Added ship travel to the Void Knight outpost & back
  • Charter system has been completely revamped. All destinations & prices depending on origin has now supported
  • Added Port Sarim to Karamja ship crew transportation
  • Added Ectophial teleport & refilling
  • Added Port Phasmatys' energy barrier entrance
  • Added Entrana Monk ship travelling
  • Player options have been rewritten to further emulate OSRS
  • * Added Grand Exchange high risk PVP instance -> protect item is not allowed here!
  • Added the Cave Kraken boss with private room instancing
  • Fixed the pricing guide accessed from the equipment tab
  • Fixed an issue with Fight Cave mob spawn locations
  • Fixed an issue related to people dying inside the Fight Caves
  • Added the Aberrant Spectre combat script
  • Added support for bank (un)noting to Emerald Benedict inside the Rouges' Den
  • If you complete the Fight Caves minigame and your inventory is full, your reward will be dropped under your player
  • * If you click the slayer icon on the quest tab, an informational interface will now open
  • Fixed an issue with clicking interface buttons after staking
  • Fixed an issue with runes not removing properly from the rune pouch when using non-combat spells
  • Fixed the mark of grace spawn location for Ardougne rooftop agility course
  • * The Ardougne rooftop agility course has now been added to the wizard teleports
  • Added Fairy ring teleportion - you're not required to have one of the two staves and all of the locations have been unlocked for you
  • Arceuus spellbook has been fixed

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