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10/16/2016: Looting bag, broken untradables and more

Oct 17, 2016 12:45:13 AM
  • We've removed Perdu's shop & mechanics and replaced it with Broken Untradable items
  • The looting bag has been added. To obtain it, you have to kill monsters in the wilderness. The drop rate for the looting bag is 1/30
  • You'll now be able to teleport using trimmed glories
  • Green dragon max hit has been changed from 12 -> 8
  • Dueling arena challenge message has been fixed
  • * The combat requirement for Nieve has been added to the right click < assignment option
  • * Item requirement to brew Antifire potions has been fixed
  • * The Pestle and Mortar as been added
  • * You can no longer climb the ladder in Camelot and still get the rooftop agility completion bonus experience
  • * Chaeldar and Duradel now give slayer points when completing a task assigned by them
  • * Fixed item option text when crafting snakeskin items
  • * Added blue dragon scales to the Blue Dragon drop table
  • * Added combining of grapes & jug of water to produce Jug of Wine
  • You can now empty Jugs of water
  • Fixed the shop interface max child (you can now purchase last item sold in a shop)
  • Fixed the Snakeling pet dialogue error
  • Added support for dialogue on all the Snakeling pets
  • * Arceuus spellbook is now fixed
  • * Deposit box at the woodcutting guild as been added
  • * PVP area PJ protection:
    • The PvP world PJ mechanic from 07 has been added to PvP instances including Edge, Canifis and Varrock. This mechanic makes it impossible to PJ a fight. Even if your target is not under attack, if they already have a target you cannot PJ.

10/15/2016: New Duel Arena, Ultimate Iron Man, Ardougne Rooftop Course & Fixes

Oct 15, 2016 12:00:00 AM
  • * Anti-rag risk protection no longer applies to the Dueling Arena & the FFA arena
  • Fixed trident uncharging/charging and implemented migration this update to fix all in-proper items
  • Clan Chat interface setup settings are now saved
  • Clan Chat banning has been added (world timer clears banned user list every hour)
  • * Added value to the dragon 2H so it will now protect over other items
  • * DMM skulls are now properly hidden when toggled off
  • * Blood money has been reduced to 300BM for Firecape kills over 20 wilderness
  • Fixed an issue where people would get stuck on the welcome screen
  • NPC stats now reset after death, fixing the BGS issue which would break the Corporeal Beast and others
  • Fixed dragonstone enchanting item requirements
  • Dragon defender (t) is no longer lost on death
  • Added the Ardougne rooftop agility course
  • Fixed some issues with depositing items into the bank
  • Void untradables dropped on death now despawn after 10 minutes instead of 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • Untradables will no longer despawn on logout
  • Banking noted items & examining items in the bank is now fixed
  • Toggling the game-filter will now filter the game announcements
  • The game-filter toggle is now saved
  • Demonic Gorillas have been fixed so you will no longer get PJd by another Gorilla during combat

9/22/2016: Wintertodt & Fixes

Sep 22, 2016 12:41:44 AM

The Wintertodt (World 1, 3)
For those of you who don't know, a new 'boss' was recently released on OSRS. However, contrary to the typical bosses, this one is killed by skilling. To combat the ice fiend, you must chop logs, optionally cut kindling, fuel the braziers around it and try to heat it up to kill it. Make sure the pyromancers stay alive, as they're vital to killing the boss. You should also be aware that death is not safe - you'll drop your items.

To get there, simply talk to the wizard in blue in Edgeville or Varrock and select the minigame option called 'Wintertodt'. Bring food. The reward of the minigame is a crate depending on how many points you have, with a nice set of resources in it. Optionally, you can get the pyromancer's outfit that provides up to 3.5% Firemaking bonus XP when worn fully. On top of that, there's a new pet to discover..

9/20/2016: Fight Caves, Pest Control, Hunter, Anti-ragged...

Sep 9, 2016 11:35:39 PM
  • Display mode changing has now been fixed
  • Esc to close interfaces setting is now toggle-able & saved
  • Doors getting 'stuck' mechanic is now applicable to all single doors
  • Tafani has been added inside Magebank
  • ::toggle skulls has now been fixed which is used to hide/show the Bounty icons above player heads
  • You can no longer enter the Corporeal Beast cave if you're teleblocked
  • Dragon defender(t) block animations have been fixed
  • Pets will no longer be lost when players use the ::empty command
  • Player freezing has now been fixed

9/07/2016: New pets, Vengeance fading, and more!

Sep 7, 2016 6:03:54 PM

  • Runescape was awesome enough to release new Skilling pets, which we've now implemented:
  • Giant Squirrel - Obtained when completing any agility course.
  • Tangleroot - Obtained from havesting crops of any full grown farming patchs.
  • Raccoon - Obtained when stealing from stalls and pickpocketing NPCs.
  • Rift Guarding - Obtained when crafting any type of rune.
  • In addition to the skilling pets, we also added the Bloodhound pet which is obtainable through Skotizo, the multi wilderness demi-boss.
  • Added all the new pets to our Pet Boxes, which are purchasable from the store for $39.95!
  • We updated the version of our cache to the latest. If you find anything doesn't work (generally objects or interfaces) please report it ASAP!
  • Fixed all the colors that didn't work from the makeover mage.
  • Fixed magic damage calc so they're completely identical to 07.
  • Implemented Vengeance fading when the spell is unavailable to be casted.
  • More...

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